Are you really unable to help ?…

Below is a list of organizations (and individuals) that you can help, if you want.

It is very easy to help !
For example, you can simply give 10$,
OR JUST SHARE (only one click ! (not too hard))

This would help a lot ;
this is not something you cannot afford,
and it takes only a few minutes.

Thank you.

1- Autistics / :

  • We need funds for the Autistic Alliance Global Project (AAGP), in order to help the autistics of the world properly, with the help of high-functioning autistics at the center of the project. Autism is not a disease.
    For now, there is no public information about the AAGP, but you can learn more about the Autistic Alliance.

    Maybe you know the owner of a (very) big company, who has an autistic child ?

    If yes, things are easy : we will help seriously his (or her) child (results are certain), and then he (or she) will be very happy to help us : please write to
    Don’t be afraid to try, please.
    If no one does anything, the help for the autistics won’t fall from the sky.

2- Autistics / Autistan :

  • The Autistan, the intangible country of the autistics, is like a “bubble of oxygen” for the autistics, and it is very useful to improve their self-esteem (which is necessary).
    Learn more about the Autistan !
  • The Internet domains for the Autistan virtual embassies cost a lot of money (at least 2000$ each year).
    Their are also some costs for the flags, and for the sashes for the Ambassadors, for example.
    If you can give only 10 or 20$, it will be very useful and appreciated !
    For this, please go to
    At least, go there and share on Facebook ! Only 2 or 3 clicks and no cost ! This does not seem “impossible to do”…
    Not many people seem interested : please can you at least share our campaign ?…
  • We have made another crowdfunding campaign here :

    Try it !
    Don’t worry, the money will be used for the (obviously) necessary expenses, not for beers or flat-screen TVs.

    We have many useful things to do.
    Any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us :

  • You may also sponsor the cost of the Internet domains for the Embassies of Autistan :
    • in Brazil ( : 60$ for 1 year)
    • in South-Korea ( : 60$ for 1 year) (necessary for future use)
    • in Kazakhstan ( : 38$ for 1 year)
    • in Morocco ( : 69$ for 1 year)
    • in Peru ( : 29$ for 1 year)
    • in Russia ( : 26$ for 2 years) (necessary for future use)

      Your name and the years will displayed on the Embassy’s page (unless you don’t want that), so you know exactly where your money goes.

3- Autistics / Eric Lucas :

  • He is a “high functioning” autistic who works a lot to help the autistics and their families in the world (without being paid by anyone to do that).
    You may learn about some of his efforts here :
  • Currently in order to pay for his expenses (hosting, food, travels…), he has to spend several hours per day, to ask for money to people in the street, which is ridiculous (and sometimes dangerous).
  • You can help him spending less time in the street, and more time in really useful and productive activities (with computer, and remote help for autistics and parents with Internet) : please go to

4- Nepal / VulnerableVillagersAid Project :

  • Villagers need to rebuild their houses.
    They live in shelters since the 2015 earthquake.
    Learn more on the WNLDO website (only one page with videos and photos).
  • We need someone to help to promote a crowdfunding campaign (so there is no donation system for now, unfortunately) : please contact

5- Brazil / Indigenous Peoples

Can you help us to get in touch with a big and serious organization of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil ?
The COIAB does not seem to exist anymore. The others don’t answer.

Thank you very much, if you are able to do one of these very simple things.

Thanks for your time !