Biological Minorities : Down syndrome persons : Request for advices and help

Because of genetic research and prenatal testing, and because of the denial of “the right to be born”, the genocide of the persons with Down syndrome has already started.
(Some people say that 80% of them are “terminated” before birth (?).)

Modifying a natural process is dangerous. All the living beings are part of a whole and are complementary together.

If mankind destroys all that is “different” and “non-compliant” or “non-comfortable”, if originality is killed, then there will be only copies of copies, without realistic landmarks, and society will get lost in the illusion and automation, being enslaved to machines and artificiality.

For this domain, we would like to :

  • find (and list here) the best information websites about this topic ;
  • focus on the most emblematic, serious, urgent or unknown (or “forgotten”) problems ;
  • gather the most innovative, original and encouraging solutions ;
  • enhance the collaboration between all the organizations (not only those specialized in this domain),
    by improving the awareness about the necessity to defend and protect the natural or original minorities, and the natural life and naturality (as explained in our “Presentation” section).
Do you have some ideas, knowledges, Internet links or contacts,
which could be useful for this section ?
If yes, can you let us know, thanks to some short messages to ?
Thank you very much !
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