The Automatic Dehumanisation

Here are our thoughts about “The Automatic Dehumanisation”

The human functioning becomes more and more conditioned and automatic, because of the “comfortabilistic” standards and procedures.

Moreover, the human being is also becoming increasingly dependent and slave of increasingly intelligent machines.

This causes a risk of general confusion and “loss” of humanity in a life more or less automatic or programmed, without real “free will”, to be led either by some human super-brains, or by some artificial super-brains.

This generates a too high risk of “automatic war”, which, if nuclear, will lead to the end of life on the planet.

And in the meantime, anyway human life will not be a natural life, but just a mechanical life of “bodies”, eating and enjoying, which will become unable to fulfill their mission : bearing the human spirit and thought, in the framework of a global spiritual life including all forms of natural life (and even the things supposed to be without life (as we currently define it), like the minerals).

Additionally, these “automatic” human beings, having lost their natural spiritual characteristics, will continue exploiting and destroying the planet and other forms of life, to feed their nonsense and illusory greed of material pleasure.

Although it is a “long-term risk” (maybe not for this century), this subject is very important.
We need volunteers, to work on it.

Note : given that they are “auto-protected”, “by nature”, against these social conditioning problems and the “Non-Autistic Troubles“, and that they are more connected with spirituality, the autistic persons can be very useful to struggle against this problem.
If things get worse, in the decades to come, the autistics (and other “mental minorities”) may be the only remaining persons with enough cleverness to put an end to this nightmare, if they find means to achieve that.